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Napoleon Grills

You'll never want to cook indoors again once you experience a Napoleon Gas Grill.

High quality stainless steel and built to last.


PK Grills

The PK is a world-class grill and smoker.  Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers, or at low temperatures over longer periods, like beef brisket, the cast aluminum PK will make you a backyard hero because it nails the landing on both. 


Pit Boss Grills

Pit Boss brings the heat to the barbecue market with a Bigger. Hotter. Heavier.® brand mentality. Each of our products is designed in-house by a highly talented team of engineers and category experts.



Myron Mixon Smokers

All of Myron Mixon’s experiences led him here: as the creator of the most impressive grills and smokers in the industry. Myron Mixon took all that he learned from his years in the pit and put it to use designing and manufacturing equipment that everyone — from home cooking enthusiasts to renowned restaurateurs — could use to achieve their own BBQ greatness. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.


Primo Grills & Smokers

Primo Ceramic Grills is the leader in American-made ceramic kamado grills. Open a new world of grilling possibilities and experience amazing flavor.


Treager Grills & Smokers

Taste the woodfire difference.


Pizza Ovens

ALFA Pizza Ovens

The Alfa Inox line of ovens enhances every outdoor cooking experience. Beauty meets performance with the purpose of improving the flavor of your dishes and the pleasure of your days. Every single feature of Alfa ovens is specifically designed to better your way of life.

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