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BriteWorks Metal Polish

BriteWorks Metal Polish

SKU: 689076633031

Cleans, polishes and removes surface rust, oxidation, corrosion and tarnish from stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, nickel, silver, aluminum, and polished steel. Exceptional for gun cleaning! For in-depth instructional videos go to our Briteworks International Inc. website under PRODUCTS icon. Harmless to skin and clothing. Quick results without hard rubbing. Does not contaminate metal with heavy acid formulation, it is chemically pure, so it will not contribute to accelerate rusting or tarnishing of the metal No harsh abrasives, but use gently on mirrored/high polished surfaces so not to scuff/scratch soft metals (You can scratch these soft metals with even a rag by itself without anything other than itself, be gentle). Less rubbing using pre-soaking methods, do not allow to dry on metal surface always use in the wet state, reapply if it dries Leaves no residue to turn green. Chemically cleans metal surface before lacquering/clear-coating. Gentle on skin contains no harsh chemicals, you do not have to wear gloves. Very little chemical odor, a mask is not needed for Briteworks products. You can clean and polish all metals twice as fast using less polish. Briteworks metal polish will draw out acid and other contaminates from the pores of the metal left from previous cleaners. This polish is not flammable and will not ignite under open flame. This polish is not hazardous and does not have to be shipped under a hazardous label. NOTE: Wash metal surfaces with soap & water that have been sanitized with bleach, Briteworks polish contains ammonia and will have a chemical reaction on contact with bleach. This product will not remove pits or scratches, once the metal rusted or pitted away, no liquid product can replace metal molecules that have disintegrated/rusted away, but it will clean & condition the metal surface with the best performance possible short of having to machine the surface.

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