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BriteWorks Metal Preservative

BriteWorks Metal Preservative

SKU: 689076633130

All-purpose all-weather metal preservative. Exceptional at preserving guns inside and out after cleaning with The Briteworks Polish! Regular use eliminates constant cleaning and polishing. Sure protection against pitting and oxidation. Non-greasy, non-staining, invisible shield. Does not attract dust or dirt. Easy to wipe on -- needs no rubbing. Absorbs and reduces the appearance of fingerprints. Each fresh application removes the prior one. Cleans, but does not break down lacquered finishes. Used on a regular basis it will reduce future cleaning and polishing. Leaves metal bright and clean with a protective invisible shield that cannot be detected by the eye or noticeable to the touch. A little goes a long way. A perfect preservative for plated finishes. No gloves are needed. No mask is needed, hardly a trace of odor. This preservative is not hazardous and does not have to be shipped under a hazardous label. For best results, use Briteworks metal polish to deep clean the metal surface and clean/wipe down in one direction with the preservative til no residue in noticeable on a clean white rag to insure a clean streak free finish. For best results, go to website of Briteworks International Inc. for in-depth instructional videos on the proper steps to ensure professional results & techniques that surpass any other product of this use. Your metals will look dazzling!

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